Prehistoric Clay Figurine Kit
Prehistoric Clay Figurine Kit
Prehistoric Clay Figurine Kit
Prehistoric Clay Figurine Kit
Prehistoric Clay Figurine Kit
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Prehistoric Clay Figurine Kit

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Ceramics have been found at many sites across North America, including caves, cliff dwellings, kivas, pithouses, pueblos and ceremonial and mounds. The clay effigies found at these sites give insight into the people and animals of the region. Many ancient clay and stone figurines depicting people and animals have been found worldwide. Some of the figurines are decorative and some have uses such as pipes, utensils and various vessels. Take your time and enjoy the entire process of designing and shaping the features of your clay figurine. The finished item will be air-dried.

  • Kit includes: natural air-hardening clay, dry paint pigments and color photo instructions
  • You will need: small dish with water, plate, tray or some washable surface to work on, push-pin, toothpick or other pointy object for making lines. Several days to allow the figurine to dry. A small cup to mix the paint pigment. Paper towels, swabs or rags
  • Kit makes one figurine about 2-12 by 5 inches or several smaller ones
  • Ages 8 and up, adult participation necessary for younger ages
  • Made in USA

About the Maker

 At Traditional Craft Kits we believe that people have enormous creative potential. With our kits we challenge people to expand their comfort zone and turn raw materials into pieces of art. We know that this process is good, healthy and necessary for people and society. Our mission is to keep traditional crafting relevant in our modern world. We offer a product line that teaches hands-on skills, sparks creativity and inspires appreciation for handmade arts. 


We have developed a line of craft kits that brings together the symbolism and designs found in many cultures by applying them to the art of basket making, pottery and other craft techniques. We have chosen crafts that are fun, educational and challenging. Learning these traditional skills opens up a whole new and fulfilling world of creativity. 


Our projects vary from simple to complex. Our beginner basket kits take as little as an hour to complete, where our more advanced coiled designs take as much as 20 hours or more. This provides you with a lasting memorable experience and the satisfaction of accomplishment. These projects can be worked on at home, school, vacationing, camping, in waiting rooms and with friends or family!


Our kits come with the materials you need to make the product shown on the cover of the kit booklet.

About Traditional Craft Kits

Katherine Ogilvie




All across the world humans have used symbols and designs to express ideas, stories or feelings. Symbols were first used to communicate. Many early languages began with drawings. Even today we use symbols to express ourselves. Some of these designs are sacred and have special meanings. Many tell a historical story or myth to be passed down through generations. Suns, stars, moons and animals are very common designs. Interestingly we can also see the same or similar symbols used across cultures. In appreciation for worldwide cultural expression, our kits include designs from many locations. Once you learn the skill of creating a basket or piece of pottery, virtually any design can be woven into the basket or painted on the pot.




Our kits will teach you the following craft skills:



Basketry weaving is a fun and relaxing activity that people of many cultures have enjoyed for many thousands of years. In most places of the world, baskets can be found. Different geographic areas have their own unique styles, largely based on the materials that are available there. Traditional materials come from such things as grasses, rushes, barks, reeds, canes, roots, split leaves, split twigs and also animal parts such as sinew. Tools can be fashioned from stones, bones and metals. Preparing basket making materials is a very important and special part of the process of weaving a basket. 

Because the average person in today’s world does not have access or time to prepare raw materials for basket making, we have chosen the best, most accessible and easiest to use materials for our kits. For example, raffia might not be a traditional material in the Americas, because it is found in the tropics, but it does a great job as a substitute to rushes, reeds, roots, split leaves, split twigs and sinew. Basically, we want you to learn the skills so you can continue to create more baskets with whatever materials inspire you.

The four main types of basketry are coiling, plaiting, twining and wicker. Each type requires different types of materials and has many variations of designs, shapes, sizes and techniques. Our kits are designed with the beginner in mind. However, we also offer many kits for the more advanced basket maker, who is willing to put in several hours to complete a more elaborate pattern. Many of our kits include design templates so that you can create your own patterns and order supplies from us as needed. 


Pottery is also a traditional craft that most cultures that had access to clay performed. Pots were made for practical uses such as foods storage and preparation, as well as ceremonial and decorative purposes. Today we still enjoy hand made pottery made by artisans and sold in many galleries across the world. We have developed our pottery kits so that you can complete an air dried pinch pot and decorate it with as many decorative design options as you like. 


People are extremely creative and when there is a need for something, it can be made. We have also included several other craft kits such as weaving, ornaments, noise making instruments, rock carvings. 

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