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Present Moment Subscription Box

At Juniper we know how hard it is to make your mental and physical health a priority. If you are anything like me you probably find a new program, practice or idea and dive right in putting in a lot of effort at first and loving it. You know that it is helping you and making your life more meaningful, intentional and relaxed. Then as time goes on you slowly slip out of the habit. You eventually find another new and exciting practice or activity and repeat the process.  It is so hard with our busy lives to consistently take time to care for ourselves.

The Present Moment Subscription Box will keep you motivated by giving you new insights, activities and self care products each month, making it easy to prioritize your well being and live in the moment.

At Juniper we are committed to using natural and sustainable materials. You can rest at ease knowing that your box and everything inside were chosen with natural living and sustainability in mind.

Join our waitlist to begin putting your health and wellness first today.

What's in the box?

We want to keep you excited and inspired each and every month. For this reason the items in the box will be fresh and new each month. Some things that you may see in your upcoming box are:


  • A Bath Bomb

  • A Focus Object

  • A Candle

  • A 30 Day Challenge Sheet

  • An Inspirational Book

  • Healing Salve

  • A Meditation Prompt